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3 Non-Obvious Facebook Ad Hacks That Increased my ROAS by 300% Last Month

The 3 secrets to easily get your ROAS optimized fast without working for hours.

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#1 Maximize retargeting for extreme profits

If you’re seeing GREAT results from your retargeting campaigns, most likely they are not profit maximized…

So, how can I maximize the profits?

Step 1: High frequency is key

Don’t be shy with a high frequency.

Aim for a frequency of 10 from your retargeting ads (all). Why? Because it is scientifically proven that the more you show the offer to a customer, the more likely they are to take the bait.

“But, Rasmus, then my CPM will go up because my retargeting audience is so small!”

Worry not, to counter this issue we have step 2…

Step 2: Use multiple ad creatives

Use multiple ad creatives (images, videos, carousels) and preferably multiple headlines and primary texts.

The more you have the more frequency you can have.

The beauty of this is that your ads don’t need the same depth, since your (future) customer already knows you from the previous ads.

So when you got multiple ads in an adset or a dynamic creative then it’s time for step 3…

Step 3: Raise budget

As long as it is new content you won’t be CPM-punished by Facebook and you can show ads cheaply to customers you KNOW are more qualified to buy. Great right?

The results we’ve seen just doing this is a decrease in ROAS, but…

Total profits increased by up to 110% (and sometimes even more). Crazy right? This is one of the lowest-hanging fruits to get insane ROI increases for your or your client’s business.

#2 Watch out for suspiciously low Conversions

Nowadays (or since iOS14) there have been plenty of problems with Facebook ads manager reporting. That’s why you should always keep an eye out if the reporting is getting too many or too few conversions because it can be totally incorrect when you look at the true data.

In a recent case, there was only 1 out of 6 Purchases that were attributed to their ads. Which made sure that the ad buyer did not scale up, and thereby lost a lot of profits.

What caused the confusion?

Facebook uses data modeling to attribute conversions, not real data. Which sometimes can give strange results. Remember Facebooks largest customers are Fortune 500 companies, not e-com stores doing 0-3 million /month.

Facebook and Google Analytics have 2-3 reporting delays which can cause confusion in reporting.

When using true data (e.g. with you'll probably see that the number of actual conversions was different than what you thought.

#3 Be the first to comment on your Facebook ad

This tip seems almost too trivial, which is why many marketers don’t have it on their radar: Be the first comment under your ads.

Use the comment function and provide additional information about your brand, refer to a related product or answer a few common FAQs as a precaution. This way you make yourself closer as a brand and use more space in your ads for free.

This can give more rapport for you or your business and make them trust you more to go to the next step.


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