Triple Whale vs Trueroas Comparison in 2024
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Triple Whale vs TrueRoas

If you’re looking for the best Triple Whale alternative to track your ads, you’re in the right place. Triple whale and TrueRoas are products tackling similar issues, which is to get accurate reporting for paid advertising. But these two apps have very different approaches to what it means to track ads.

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I manage multiple ecom stores and with Triple Whale it gets very expensive at scale, the more stores I get, the more it cost. So it really saves me a lot to use TrueRoas

– Alex Hutchkin

Zero overattributing is an advertisers dream.

– Sandra Moore

To be able to get the personalized support from Rasmus and the team is invaluable, it’s like having a marketing data company on the side for just $79/mo, crazy.

– Andrey

What’s the difference between Triple Whale and TrueRoas?

Short answer: Track more for half the price.

The most significant difference with Triple Whale is that TrueRoas’s can track more orders.

Triple Whale is a great product for eCommerce owners, but it focuses on the overall birds-eye view of a store. This can be an issue for Ad Agencies and performance marketers that are only looking for real numbers so they can work data-driven and get predictable growth.

Ten reasons why companies use TrueRoas vs Triple Whale

We've condensed ten propositions that explain why you might consider TrueRoas to be a better alternative to Triple Whale.

1. Easily set tracking parameters

In TrueRoas you only need one thing to track your ads. The ad id. With Triple Whale you need to manually add multiple UTM parameters that will make your link long, ugly and hard to read.

This is how the TrueRoas tracking url looks like:{{}}

This is how the Triple Whale tracking url looks like: utm_medium=paid &utm_campaign={{}}& utm_term={{}}& utm_content={{}}& fbadid={{}}

A bit long, right? For no good reason. Also! If you already Tried Triple Whale, or some other software, TrueRoas will automatically pick up your current UTMs and start tracking, without you having to relaunch your ads and lose performance (so that you can keep snowballing).

Didn't even have to relaunch my ads, good to go since I already used Triple Whale before.

– Christopher

2. Half the price

TrueRoas can do more tracking, get all your ads in one place. For less than the starter plan on Triple Whale. No upsells, easy to understand pricing, regardless of ad spend.

Triple Whale costs minimum $100/mo, even without the tracking pixel. With the tracking pixel it STARTS at $300/mo They're a startup funded by venture capital firms, that will keep pushing them to increase their price and squeeze more out of each customer.

With TrueRoas, you would be able to get a plan for only $79/mo, including all this:

  • Creative Insights
  • Product Insights
  • Ads Manager
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • TikTok Ads
  • Cockpit Dashboard

If you manage or own more stores, you can get the unlimited stores plan for only $217/mo with yearly pricing and have all your stores data in one place.

Compare that to Triple Whale that would (minimum) charge you a whopping $1200 if you manage 4 stores.

So $79/mo no matter the ad spend? Cool

– Michel

3. Zero Overattributing

Just imagine if you had 40 purchases one day. 35 of them attributed to Google ads and 32 attributed to Facebook ads and 20 to TikTok ads. That's 87 orders for a 40 order day, more than double orders attributed! That makes it impossible to scale the right ad.

Unlike Triple Whale, TrueRoas will never attribute one order to more than one ad, source or post. Using multi-touch AI attribution modeling, TrueRoas will figure out what ads you can scale up, and get more value back, using more than 9 different attribution models combined and adapted to the targeting of your campaigns.

...and if you ever would wonder exactly how a purchase came about, you can see the entire visit sequence prior to the purchase, so you can see exactly what and why someone purchases, in granular detail.

Dependable attribution for each order gives me full transarency to scale without worrying I'm scaling the wrong ad.

– Carl Itnèr

4. Supports WooCommerce or custom platforms

TrueRoas is eCommerce platform agnostic (with a dedicated WooCommerce Plugin), while Triple Whale works ONLY on Shopify stores. TrueRoas works out of the box with WooCommerce, and more. While custom integrations is available at extremely fair pricing.

TrueRoas can make custom integrations to fit your exact order flow, no matter if you're using ReCharge or some other app, that means you can measure ROAS even if you have a recurring revenue model.

So you built your own eCom store from the ground up? Good job! TrueRoas will not punish you for your effort. TrueRoas can help you integrate for a small up front fee so that you for certain can get the best of results. Even if you have 100 daily visitors or 100 000.

The only Triple Whale alternative for WooCommerce stores

– Christopher

5. Best ads for each products

Both Triple Whale and TrueRoas give a lot of insights into creatives. However, TrueRoas breaks down your creative data for each product as well. So that you can get insights into what works for each of your products, not just the store as a whole.

This feature can also be used to predict what products you need to refill stock for.

The product breakdown makes it easy to see what products sell and why...

– Rasmus

6. Personal service (no AI chat, only real people)

Most highly venture capital funded large eCommerce platforms can't handle personal support, and thus uses AI to fill the hole. But it aint nothing like speaking to a real human, right? That's why TrueRoas have a dedicated success team to help you succeed with your ads and data management, no matter what time of day.

Acquiring a new software online can be a daunting task, so we want you to realize that there is always people on hand to assist you. TrueRoas is a small company compared to Triple Whale, and that comes with more personal and dedicated service.

After a chat with Rasmus and the team, it feels more like adding a team of dedicated data analysts, than just a software.

– Mr. Anderson

7. No setup needed, just rock and roll

Triple Whale comes with customizations everywhere, requiring you to create your own dashboard. TrueRoas was built by eCommerce professionals and have a long road where they learned what metrics are the most important...

...and, as an eCommerce advertiser, we don't really want to set up dashboards, right? We just want to know the results so we can make quick decisions and scale up sales. thus have been in know what the most . However, you can still pick and choose from the already set up template.

Install the tracking and then set up. Took about 2 days until I started seeing more than 3x more conversions rolling in from my ads.

– Juan

8. Made for performance marketers and ad agencies

The TrueRoas founders have run ad agencies, and scaled eCommerce brands.

Triple Whale is set up for eCommerce owners. Not performance marketers. TrueRoas was created solely for hardcore marketers that focus on getting a consistent and reliable ROAS.

Easy to switch between accounts. We save hours instead of having to go into 3 different dashboards every day.

– Los Santos Clothing

9. Advanced AI tracking algorithm matching more orders

Triple Whale does a lot of good stuff for aggregating data from different sources, but tracking is really where TrueRoas shines. The unique algorithm uses more patterns for matching ensuring that you get more attributed orders and never have to doubt where a purchase came from.

How it works? TrueRoas matches multiple sources, uses a large set of data in order to more accurately determine what order came from what visitor. Because the truth is what matters the most. Scaling the wrong ad, or having an ad die when increasing the budget can be one of the most frustrating things with running ads for eCommerce brands.

Even before I set up everything correctly I could see way more clearly where the purchases came form.

– Mualdad Agentura

10. You don't need to wait a month to get optimized

For the Triple Whale tracking pixel to get accurate, you need to wait for about 4 weeks. In TrueRoas optimization starts the first day and data is processed every 5 minutes so that you can start seeing accurate results after only 2-3 days.

Could see purchases rolling in only for ads (almost) after just a few days of the free trial

– Muhammad

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