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GDPR vs TrueRoas

If you’re looking for the best alternative to track your ads, without breaking a bunch of laws, you’re in the right place. TrueROAS has found a way to leverage your first-party data, while not using any PII data at all. So if you want accurate reporting for paid advertising, check out how we fix your tracking issues, without exposing you to privacy laws

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As an Eu company running a lot of ads, it's a crucial part of our business to do it within the law, in a future-proof manner

– Karl Kletterferje

I love that we can protect our customers, while still beeing able to scale fast.

– Mirianne Small

What’s the difference between normal ad tracking and TrueRoas ethical tracking?

Short answer: Use first-party, without actually accessing it. TrueROAS, uses tokenization and keys that lock the real values of your first party data.




This way, TrueROAS can still leverage your data, but without seeing who it actually belongs too.

The most significant difference with the old way of ad tracking is that TrueROAS can use every single data point, totally compliant.

The old way of tracking ads works well for North America, but with new laws and motions, it's a question of when the "data-haven" will stop.

Three reasons why companies use TrueROAS Ethical Tracking

We've condensed three propositions that explain why you might consider TrueRoas to be a better alternative to breaking the law.

1. Increase your data quality 10000%

In order to scale up, you need data you can rely on. Leave the frustrating nightmare of making decisions based on broken data.

It's time to take trust to the next level, both for your data and your customers.

We've started tracking 3x more orders on the Trueroas ads manager

– Harton

2. Stop criminalizing your business

TrueRoas can do more tracking, get all your ads in one place, without using your PII data.

Did you even know you're breaking the law? There's even some theories that ALL Shopify stores does, because of the way Shopify handles data.

If you're using any other tracking tool out there, Google Analytics or whatever. You're literally breaking a bunch of privacy laws in the EU, and soon in North America.

There's only one solution. Tokenization and hiding the true values of your data.

I didn't even know we weren't compliant

– Michel

3. Most companies use your data for their own purposes

If you ever read the nitty gritty of their privacy policy, god...

99% of data analytics companies use your data for their own profit.

The big difference with TrueROAS is that no data will ever be used for marketing purposes. Since the data is first encrypted, then tokenized, it's actually impossible, even if we wanted to.

So if you want a data company that keeps you data safe in the same way you would with your children. You know where to find us.

What's most important to TrueROAS is that tracking is done in an ethical manner. We want to help businesses understand where their revenue comes from, without exposing them to data privacy threats.

– Rasmus @ TrueROAS

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