Facebook Ad Tracking for E-commerce stores.

Never Doubt the Origin of a Purchase

100% Orders attributed, guaranteed. See the exact order number # that gave the conversion. Even after upsells. Full transparency.

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Stop Burning Ad Spend Waiting for Winners

Lower you testing phase to 2 days instead of 7 (like back in the day). Scale winners faster and cut losers quicker. Save up to 63% in the testing phase alone.

Get the Complete Customer Journey

Get extreme accuracy with attribution windows up to 73 000% longer than Facebook. Know your customers for years, instead of days.

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Low Volatility.
Predictable Growth.

With better data you can expect +30% success-rate when scaling an ad adset, or campaign. Creating a ROAS machine that lets you sleep at night.

Promethean AI Attribution Model for eCommerce

The True AI grant conversions to the ads that are scalable. Not just the first or last click. Specifically designed for Shopify and WooCommerce stores.

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Easy Setup

Get started in only 4 minutes. Easy to install, even if you're non-technical. If you for any reason would want help along the way, we're always available on our messenger chat, or for an onboarding call.

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People who rely on True ROAS every day

”2 months in and we can see that we have major improvements on our ROAS already”

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–Kit Walsh

”$8500 extra revenue”

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XFactor Advertising Ad Agency

”we're getting an average of 37% more ROI from our ads”

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–Roger Andersson

Stop Wasting Ad Spend Today

Hundreds already stopped wasting 37% ad spend.
When will you?

Start Risk-Free Trial

✓ Unlimited ad spend✓ 7-day free trial ✓ Cancel any time

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Best Performing Facebook Audiences for Shopify and WooCommerce Stores in 2023


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