True ROAS Ad Analytics for E-Commerce Stores in a Post iOS 17 World.
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Consistent ROAS in a post IOS14 world.

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“When everyone thought facebook stopped working, TrueRoas gave us the true story and we kept scaling..”

Taylor Wagner - E-Commere Store Owner

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Honestly now, is this the way to make my ROAS consistent?

Inaccurate tracking burns ad spend by using generalistic attribution models and incoherent customer journey matching.

  • Testing is slow, unpredictable and expensive.

  • Inconsistent ad attribution that can't be trusted.

  • Wasting hours figuring out what is profitable and not.

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Scale with Confidence
Stop Wasting Ad Spend

Increase your ROI from ads by +20.31% in 60 days by tracking all your paid ads, email and influencers in one place. Manage everything from one smooth dashboard.

  • Test extremely fast and with +243% more attributed orders.

  • Never doubt a conversion. Every conversion is attached to the exact order number in your store.

  • All-in-one Ads Manager and source of truth.

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Meta and Google Ads can't give you the true story, even if they wanted to.

Meta and Google use your data for advertisitng purposes. Disabling them because of data laws.

  • Test extremely fast and with +243% more attributed orders.

  • Never doubt a conversion. Every conversion is attached to the exact order number in your store.

  • All-in-one Ads Manager and source of truth.

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✓ 7-day free trial ✓ Cancel any time ✓ 1-click-setup

2-click connect.
Let us do the rest.

Our AI collects data from your website, store, first-party data and ad platform data. Then analyzing and matching it to the correct Facebook or Google Ad.

  • Set up data collection from store and website in 4 minutes.

  • True AI Analyzing and matching users and new orders every 5 minutes.

  • Change budgets for adsets or campaigns and turn ads on or off.

How much will I save?

Example eCom store spending

on ads.

Today's tracking problemsWhat it costs you
Missing 9% orders-$375 / mo
63% overpriced testing -$750 / mo
Attribution 34% off-$1,150 / mo
4.7h weekly time waste-$225 / mo
Running unproftiable ads too long-$550 / mo
Scale 7x more reliably-$2,300 / mo
*Before TrueROAS

Total Wasted Ad Spend

-$64,200 / year

-$5,350 / mo
TrueROAS Monthly Fee
-$150 / mo
*After TrueROAS


Return on monthly fee

+$62,400 / year

+$5,200 / mo
+3567% ROI

Other solutions

  • Uses old "cookie-way" to track users.
  • Too dependent Meta Attribution Modeling.
  • Meta and Google uses data modeling, not real data.
  • Build for general attribution for most businesses, not yours.
  • Uses external data like Google Analytics, not processing it like true data pros.
  • Not GDPR Compliant.
  • No unique eCommerce metrics (e.g. AoV)

True Tracking

  • 100% Shopify / WooCommerce Order Sync.
  • Advanced AI User Matching.
  • Multi-Touch Attribution Models using AI and Machine learning.
  • Full transparency: See each sequence that led to a purchase.
  • Every conversion referenced to the exact order number in your store.
    E.g. #34101.
  • Best eCom tracking available for Shopify and WooCommerce stores.
    Try free trial and compare
  • Fixed pricing (cancel any time).

✓ 7-day free trial ✓ Cancel any time ✓ 1-click-setup

People who rely on True ROAS every day

”2 months in and we can see that we have major improvements on our ROAS already”

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–Kit Walsh

”$8500 extra revenue”

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XFactor Advertising Ad Agency

”we're getting an average of 37% more ROI from our ads”

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–Roger Andersson

Stop Wasting Ad Spend Today

Hundreds already stopped wasting 37% ad spend.
When will you?

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Free Guide

Best Performing Facebook Audiences for Shopify and WooCommerce Stores in 2023

Not sure? We got all your answers right here.

E-commerce advertisers using Shopify, WooCommerce or any other platform with custom integration. Perfect for store owners to manage their revenue streams, and ad agencies to manage multiple accounts.

The True Tracking algorithm can see the entire customer journey more clearly (using advanced machine learning to match all the users cookies, browsers, IP, and much more).

Then, as every little data point is saved the AI can reprocess all of your data with an attribution model built for eCom stores like yours, even if your customer first visited 6 months ago.

This data is then presented to you, connected to the exact ad (or source), so you don't have to go back and forth between ads manager or other tools.

Finally you can scale with confidence.

TrueROAS accepts all major cards, including bank transfer, Klarna, Paypal, Link and a bunch of other methods.

You can see every customer journey and refer it back to the exact order number in your store. Never doubt if a conversion is "real" again.

Switch between ad accounts and stores in 2 clicks.

TrueROAS have its own ads manager, showing all your ads AND other sources of your purchases in your store.

Yes, you can use an infinite amount of pixels.

To set up tracking for your store you need around 4 minutes.
When you used our 1-click Facebook log in, your setup is already 33% done.

From the day you install TrueROAS you can start seeing results already 48h afterwards. So you can get accurate tracking for free during our 7 day trial, no strings attached.

TrueROAS uses whatever currency your store and ad account are using.

If you can copy-paste, you got this. We have on-hand chat support and availability to book call with an attribution expert, just in case your setup is custom in some way.

Yes. TrueROAS AI intelligently calculates where the user came from based on multiple data points.

No. However, if you're using TrueROAS you're doing everything possible. Connecting every available data point, to make sure you don't miss a thing.

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